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Traveller from the cosmos, welcome to Felth's Heart! Our play-by-post gaming project designed to help us expand and improve our world based on your experiences. There are tons of things to do and features to explore so we'd love if you'd stick around and become a proper felthian!
Felth of the Adeous Cluster; a fetid and highly polluted world many centuries rebuilt upon the apocalyptic landscapes of their ancestors. Felth is what remains of a planet whose surface was forever deformed by an anomaly power surge triggered by the rapid & uncontrolled multiplication of a living power source known as Abhourite. It's inhabitants now live in a vastly different ecosystem heavily mutated by the surge's hazardous fallout where giant reptiles, insects, parasites and simbiotes are the dominant lifeforms.

Once largely a tropical planet Felth is now a muggy wasteland of fungal rot and semi-aquatic organisms; poorly understood by its inhabitants and feared by neighboring planets as a potential leak of disease and fallout radiation. Yet, the alien natives here thrive, even with so much of their culture lost to the 'fall'.
20/06/19 We've been focusing on content lately among our other more life intense jobs, and now: Player homes. We will be offering many 'adobes' for purchase via game currency and they'll work much like private boards, but with purchasable upgrades, expansions and aesthetic modifications.

16/06/29 Minor updates throughout, content going up in hidden place. Lots of boring box alignment.

09/06/19 Development has been slow after an incident in the family, things are still ongoing but a majority of the work is casually focused on content rather than the time-consuming codes. Stay tuned for updates.

31/05/19 Most areas of the site are now functional, thread listings, mini-profile & profile are still being worked on. Content will start filling in the blanks over the next 2-3 days.

29/05/19 More coding tweaks! Over the next 24 hours you'll notice a lot of things jumbled around. All of our tests for the new skin have worked out perfectly and is now optimised for multiple browsers without any awkward positioning issues. Unfortunately we've had to stick with the greyscale only version until we have funding enough to cover the many hours it will take to colour each individual piece. Hopefully everything will be mostly functional by tomorrow!

22/5/2019 Things are being touched up throughout, moving forward will be a big step for us and we're committed to planning everything as thoroughly as possible. Thank you for being so very patient with us through everything. In the meantime the entire team is working hard behind the scenes for our upcoming kickstarter & we look forward to sharing all the incredible details.

As of 5/05/2019 Felth's Heart has been modified to be used as our community base for the pre-game launch. This basically means that all our game options are hidden here and being developed on our testing site rather than our main hub. You can still keep up with the live development by checking out our workshop (link); but in the meantime feel free to mingle with your fellow Felthians and follow our development progress in developments!
“Success is just a war of attrition. Sure, there’s an element of talent you should probably possess. But if you just stick around long enough, eventually something is going to happen.” -Dax Shepard

"The Sirysian tongue is something of an oddity, even among Felthian species. An evolutionary advantage with uncertain origins. Measuring anywhere between 10-16 inches the five pronged tip of these highly dexterous muscles act more like nimble fingers capable of grasping, pulling and 'scraping' actions. It's dark mauve colour prevents sunburn and thick excessive saliva acts as a protective coating much like a thin membrane, preventing cuts & abrasions and the absorption of toxins often found in the insects they eat."
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Just in case you're new to the world; Felth's Heart is an advanced forum-based roleplay with many graphical MUD and text based adventuring styled features. We've taken a lot of inspiration from old-school RPGs like Baldurs Gate, Fallout, Morrowind and Torment. As well as drawing from a trove of tabletop knowledge and campaigns like dungeons & dragons to create a gaming experience that merges the best creative qualities of everything above.

Felth has been developed for many years to provide an extremely detailed and unique world-space for players to interact with, with far reaching effects of their presence and actions within the game. This will be handled in equal mix by our system coding & our hard working moderators to create an entirely unique atmosphere that will last for many years.
The Remnant Project

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A comprehensive guide to Felth and the Heart, a great place for beginners to learn the basics of the Felth universe and how all the interactive features of the Heart work; everything you'd need to know to dive right into the roleplay.
Our front desk, anything you'd want or need to know about the rules, updates, staff and upkeep of the forum is nestled away in here. You can also find our questions & feedback boards within.
Where all character creation, adoption, disowning and moderation takes place. Character related guides & feature information is found here.
A place to develop your own or community plots and plan out character relationships with your fellow Felthians & their Residents.
A place for our artists, whatever the niche, to post and share their work among the community. We've made sure that whether you're browsing, looking for requests, commissions, or selling your own, there's a place here for you.
A place for members to just relax & chill out away from the hussle and bustle of Felth. Introductions, absences, hobby chat or venting & advice are all found within.
Enter the world of Felth. etcetc
The major events of Felth are hosted here, from seasonal well-wishes to the great migration. Contests arise with all manner of rewards and games to play with your fellow Felthians. This is the activity hub of Felth!
No one feels at home without a home and the Member Residential area is just that. A place to invest in a life here on Felth. From makeshift shacks to sprawling manors; there's a place for everyone. Players homes can be constructed in any location and there are many variations to choose from, and ways to improve them.
Felth's Heart prides itself on the vast amount of items players can find and obtain, but they don't always come easy. The Felthian Markets are where players can buy & sell items, from the staff and from each-other. Member run boards are easily identifiable, and may offer you better bargains, while staff run stores always have ample stock.
The ultimate expansion to the Lore Guide, within this area you'll find countless tomes of knowledge on anything within the cannon worldspace. Creatures, landscapes, races, iconic figures, items, equipment, structures, vehicles, culture, space & beyond.
Retired threads.
Patreon, Kickstarter, Donations, Supporters, etcwip
Mindspace is a place for RPs that have nothing to do with the Felth universe, they're standalone places created by staff and members to cater to those little RP addictions Felth doesn't have a place for.
A guest friendly area to post all your advertisments and to request affiliation with Felth's Heart.
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